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A funny story regarding the functioning of our third eye.



Nowadays a lot is being commented about the awakening of our third eye. Primitive man and even in Ancient times it was indeed a must to live safe lives, so please allow me to try to narrate a short story. And now with the use of our handy headband makes it much easier to understand and forsee its practical use.By the way here in the last blog entries is an article about how to make this useful third eye enhancement headband.

This is a fictional story about when our third eye for the first time opened its eye lid like a heavy curtain in a theater.
Once upon a time lost in the ancient sands of humankind, something useful was urgently needed to avoid the dead by ferocious animals. So God placed this organ on the man’s forehead. At the precise moment it was opened it cast three powerful beams of light; the first one created three bluish diamonds forming a triangle; the second beam of light projected seven bright rubies forming the star of David with a dot (a ruby) in the middle of this perfect triangles; the third beam of light was bright green it created twelve beautiful emeralds forming a perfect circle. And then they stared to move in two fashionable ways: Like clockwise to project like an echo to transmit detecting and receiving signals from the outer world, in other words the physical world; Counterclockwise to travel inwards to our very real spiritual world reaching the multiple levels of our subconscious mind.
In order to benefit from our twenty two jewels we must start working with them traveling from the outer circle made with emeralds, then to the middle circle consisting with rubies, and last to our inner circle compound with diamonds.
Proper visualization is needed. All the twenty two jewels will be turned off. We are going to go around this imaginary clock three times, on each time the intensity of the light will increase; the first round will be of low intensity; the second round will be of medium intensity; and the third round will be of high intensity. Let’s start then, going around our virtual clock for the first round starting with the hour one. Please imagine all twelve emeralds turned off. Repeat ONE! And emerald one is lit. TWO! And emerald two is lit. THREE! And emerald three is lit; continue with the rest emeralds until you reach emerald number twelve. Increase the light intensity in this second round. ONE—TWO—THREE—FOUR—FIVE—SIX—SEVEN—EIGHT—TEN– -ELEVEN —and TWELVE. Now increase the intensity of the light to its maximum capacity visualizing each emerald.
You’ve just awaken your twelve emeralds that’s why now you feel a harmonious emanation and expansion of each emerald. They’re strongly pulsating according to Universal laws.
Now we are ready to repeat the same procedure with our seven rubies. Please remember that in this first going around them before you mention a number all these seven rubies are turned off.
ONE! —TWO! —THREE!—FOUR!—FIVE!—SIX!—and now at the center of both triangles SEVEN!
Second round the intensity will be increased. ONE! — TWO! — THREE! — FOUR! — FIVE! — SIX! —and SEVEN!
Third round with maximum intensity: ONE! — TWO! — THREE! — FOUR! — FIVE! — SIX! —and SEVEN!.
We’re more than ready for our inner circle made of three light violet diamonds.
On our first round we will light them with a low intensity: ONE!-TWO! THREE!
Second going around increasing the intensity: One! Two! Three!.
Third round: ONE! TWO! THREE!.
Right in the middle of these three diamonds please imagine the ALWAYS EXPANDING UNITY ACQUARING MANY FORMS AND SHAPES. You are very close to our CREATOR feel His PRECENSE, feel Peace Profound.
Say a prayer of being grateful please acknowledge WISDOM , KNOWLEGE AND GOS’S SUPREME LOVE.


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