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by Christina Mariposa
(Zephyrhills, Florida, USA)



The past week I have had a desire to draw. Something i dont really do, and when i have ever tired to draw, it hasnt been very well. Nonetheless, something moved me to draw. After a few days of hearing this within me or from external entities, i decided today to draw whatever it is that I was supposed to draw. I grabbed a piece of plain notebook paper and a black pen. I had the paper in pen in front of me and laughed a little and said to myself and the entity, ok I am ready. I dont know what to draw, i dont know where this will lead, but here i go. AS i drew, i did feel a forest materializing on the page, then in the corner an angel type of figure. Now I must say that the angel did not appear very angelic at the first. in fact the angel appeared more as a skull figure (the face) at first and i must admit that i was a little creeped out at first. Maybe in an attempt to hide that, worried about what other people may think, i began to cover the initial face. Then the flesh part of the face finally appeared. The angel looks innocent but very sad eyes, with a veil covering the mouth. I asked my mother to tell me what her first impression was of it. She said that she believed that this entity is in a dark place and finding her way around. That the veil is the fear of speaking or of the truth....i thought that very insightful. My mother has a way about her regarding these types of things. I will attach the image that i drew. I would love ur opinion about it as well. I did give the work a name as well. Angel Gaze. thank you

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