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D U A L I T Y!

Let’s start considering what ancient mystic attributed to number two. For them it has been a creative number, active, representing strength. It is when added to number one brings to life the things sleeping in this number one. A person who has embodied the attributes of number two possesses an extraordinary capacity for love, besides this person is devoted, loyal, tender, and grateful and is unselfish. All his/ her passions are under total control. Regarding his mental abilities they are all at its peak, waiting to be use for the benefit of mankind. Buddha is said to have expressed the following: Number two means THE RIGHT RESOLUTION. In other words He always sought the practical application of knowledge. To his disciples he used to say to them: THE LAW IS THE UNIVERSE and THE UNIVERSE IS THE LAW.Egyptians saw this number two as the eternal “MAN, KNOWTHYSELF” For the Greeks there were two kinds of seekers; those who seek knowledge and those who use this knowledge. And the Book says: Our Creator has expressed this thought to man: “In the strength I will build”

Why do we humans have many pairs of organs? Our brain has a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere. Let’s examine now our face that has two eyes, two nostrils, two cheeks, two ears, two eyebrows, two lips. Our chest has two lungs; our abdomen has two kidneys, two adrenal glands, two gonads. Along our body we have acupuncture meridians. Please realize that as we posses two physical eyes we also have two spiritual eyes, these eyes are the ones which perceive what people call “ghosts”. Psychic ears which are able to listen to the harmonious music of the spheres .Mystic have named this kind of music Celestial Music. We can continue mentioning many more pairs for example two hands, but each hand has different polarities. Our left hand absorbs negative energy and also emanates negative polarity energy, but what about the dual function of our, for instance nose. To breathe in and breathe out and to be able to smell to detect spoil food and dangerous situations. Our nostrils take turns every three hours according to the sea tides. Always one of them seems to be more opened than the other. And also both nostrils emanate infra red heat. To be used like an olfactory reliable echo. Primitive man because he was more life oriented depended on his sixth sense to find animals to hunt them or to avoid them. Everybody has seen movies in which Indians were able to “smell” water. This course will try to develop an enhancement of all our perceptions step by step; First our physical perceptions and then our psychic perceptions. We know we are ready to play with opposites, but now as you read them try to feel them with all our senses, please. YING & YANG / SKY & EARTH / MAN & WOMAN / MASCULINE & FEMENINE / MALE & FEMALE / DARKNESS & LIGHT / FEAR & BRAVENESS /IGNORANCE & WISDOM /HATE & LOVE etc.

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