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 Deja Vu Spiritual Experience
A Past Life Connection 

Deja Vu Spiritual Experience

Whenever I think of Ancient Egypt, the words that come into my mind are mystery, beauty, abundance and bliss. It is a world long gone, but not forgotten.

From very early on, I felt strongly a connection to Ancient Egypt. Although I was not aware of the whys, the feelings were profound.

As a young child, I recall visiting the Egyptian exhibition in the museum and enjoying it immensely. With each visit, I would feel a sense of unexplainable nostalgia. Even though the antiquities were from a place and time beyond my small world, they felt quite familiar to me.

One of my favorite movies growing up was the Ten Commandments by Cecil B. DeMille. In the movie, there is a scene where Nefertari and Seti are playing a game. My initial reaction upon seeing the game was, "I know that game." It was as if I had a flashback of some sort. Could this have been a Déjà vu experience?

When I was in my twenties, I achieved one of my greatest goals- to visit Egypt. My dream turned into a reality. I felt, as if, I was returning home. The experience was incredible.

As I walked through the temples, pyramids, and cities long gone, I could sense the energy from the past lingering in the air. I would close my eyes, and imagine all the commotion, laughter, noise, aroma, etc. of the ancient Egyptians, who lived in the area. Although my body was in the present, my mind and soul were in ancient Egypt. It was everything that I had dreamt about and more.

On my second visit to Egypt, I recall walking the streets of Cairo alone and wondering why I was so attached to this mystical land. Although this was my second trip, I was still searching for answers. I wanted to understand the link between Egypt and myself. Then, I heard the sound of a far away voice saying, "You are connected to the Egypt of the past, not of the present." Immediately, I felt a sensation of inner peace spreading all over my body.

That was it. Modern Egypt was not the answer. The answers to my questions were hidden in ancient Egypt- ruins, temples and cities of long ago. The modern streets of Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, etc. did not supply the full joy that I experienced when visiting places where ancient cities once thrived.

Egyptian Temple

Approximately, four months after returning from my second trip to Egypt, a friend invited me to a spiritual gathering. He had been attending these gatherings for some time. Furthermore, he was convinced that the man, who conducted the sessions and was a channeler, was genuine.

For those readers who are not familiar with the word channeler, Wikipedia depicts a channeler as a person who, "goes into a trance, or 'leaves their body' and then becomes possessed by a specific spirit, who then talks through them."

Even though I agreed to attend one of the sessions, I had no expectations.

When we arrived, an amiable middle-age man greeted us. He directed us to come in and sit anywhere we wanted to. As I sat down and looked around the room, I noticed how beautifully his apartment was decorated. He had statues, paintings and many other items that reflected a world of long ago.

By the commencement of the session, approximately twenty people were in attendance. They were sitting on the sofa, chairs and floor.

Our host/channeler started the session with a brief prayer. Soon after the prayer, his mannerism and voice changed. He had channeled a spirit guide of one of the individuals from the group. He began to talk and give messages to the woman. She appeared extremely pleased with the messages.

For about an hour and a half, the process remained the same- each person receiving messages from spirits and carefully writing them down on a piece of paper.

Although I was not expecting anything, I could not stop feeling as the forgotten child who did not receive any Christmas gifts, but had to sit and watch others enjoy their presents.

As the session was reaching its final stage, the channeler began speaking in a soft and gentle voice. Upon hearing the voice, my heart started beating faster, and my eyes got teary. For some strange reason, I wanted to cry.

Even though the spirit had not identified the person he was speaking to, I knew it was me. There was something quite familiar about the energy. My incarnate spirit knew who it was.

Ancient Egypt

Suddenly, the spirit said, "Yes, know who I am. You are connected to the Egypt of the past, not of the present." The exact words that were revealed to me in Cairo. I had forgotten the experience and told no one.

Although I was trying very hard to control myself, a few tears managed to escape.

He started telling me about my past life as an Egyptian priest in ancient Egypt, and how I was murdered because of knowledge I possessed. The method used to cause my demise was strangulation.

“Interesting statement,” I said to myself. Ever since I can recall, I always felt a slight tightness around my throat area.

As the spirit continued to speak, I began to see the various connections between my past and present. Things were beginning to make sense to me. There was no longer a veil in front of me preventing me from seeing beyond. He was unraveling my obscure past life in front of me.

As the session ended, I felt as a renewed person. The contact with my spirit friend from spiritual ancient Egypt provided me with a new perspective on life.

A few years ago, I went back to Egypt. I enjoyed every moment. I no longer felt the urge to search for answers. My confusion and search ended. I was visiting a place that was once my home- a place that was long gone, but not forgotten.

This is not the end. It is just the beginning.

Deja Vu Spiritual Experience.

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