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Spiritual Chango
Paintings and Prayer
Guardian of Lightning and Fire






 Spiritual Chango


Chango, protect me from all evil. Help me to correct my imperfections so that I may be whole and pure of heart. Guide me into the road of righteousness. May I receive your strength and blessings so that I may move forward and fulfill my earthly mission.


Spiritual Chango or Shango is one of many orishas (deities) in the Santeria and Candomble religions. According to Wikipedia, Santeria and Candomble are, "Afro-Caribbean religions derived from traditional beliefs of the Yoruba people of Nigeria." Enslaved Africans introduced these religious beliefs to the New World. Although the slaves were forced to convert to Christianity, they secretly continued to worship and practice their religion. To avoid severe punishment, and "preserve their traditional beliefs, the slaves disguised their orishas as Catholic saints."

Santeria is comprised of a Supreme Being, known as Oloddumare, and orishas (deities). In Migene Gonzalez-Wippler's book, Santeria, The Religion, she writes that the, "orishas were created by Oloddumare to manifest his will and express his essence in nature...The orishas are not gods, but children and servants of Oloddumare."

One can surmise, after reading the above-mentioned statement, that orishas are messengers of God doing His work.

A Santera-a priestess of Santeria, once told me that Santeria was an earth religion, "where all aspects of nature are loved and respected."

Now that some basic information on Santeria has been provided, let us go back to Spiritual Chango Orisha.

In Santeria, Chango is synonymous with the Catholic Saint called Saint Barbara. Both share the same characteristics- their colors are red and white; she holds a sword, and he carries a double-edged ax; she holds a goblet in her right hand, and he has a mortar; and she is linked to thunder and lightning, and he is affiliated with fire, thunder, and lightning.

Shango is the most well-known and revered of all the orishas. He carries a double-headed axe, which represents expeditious and balanced justice. His sacred number is six, and he is the owner of the music and the Bata (three double-headed drum). Migene Gonzalez-Wippler depicts Shango as," incorrigible woman chaser and a lover of food and dance."

In Migene Gonzalez-Wippler’s book, The Santeria Experience, A Journey into the Miraculous, she writes about  Shango's power and greatness, which she had the pleasure of witnessing first hand.

During her college years, she began to question her religious teachings. Not seeing any logic behind her beliefs, she decided to dismiss them. She no longer considered herself to be religious or spiritual.

Then, one day, something happened that completely changed her perception. She understood that not all things needed to have a logical foundation for it to be real.

It was a stormy night, and hurricane alerts were constantly being announced over the radio and television. Instead of taking heed, Miqene and a companion disregarded all warnings and headed out to a party.

On the way to the party, the weather had gotten worst, making it challenging to drive. Nevertheless, they continued. Suddenly, the car skidded and plunged into a ravine.

Although she was dazed but not hurt, her companion was unconscious and badly injured. Due to the darkness of the night and torrential rain, she was unaware of her whereabouts.

Alone in a dark and isolated area, she managed to pull herself out of the car. With every second, her desperation intensified. Her friend needed immediate help, and there was no one in sight. Her only option was to call Shango for help, as she did many times in her childhood.

"With great effort, I stood up, using both arms to protect my face from the violence of the rain. Struggling to keep my balance, I looked up to the sky,...'Chango,' I cried out with all my remaining strength...Stop the rain. Show me the way to safety..."

From a distance, the sound of, "a soft peal of thunder," became distinct. "I listened anxiously, and the thunder reverberated once more...thunder continued to grow closer. Suddenly, a blinding flash crossed the sky. I watched aghast as a lightning bolt slashed through the darkness and fell directly in front of me. Almost simultaneously, the rain and the wind diminished in intensity, until only a few drops were falling softly over me...I walked out of the dark ravine, following the fiery path, as lightning bolt upon lightning bolt guided my steps."


For Those Who Believe, Everything Is Possible

Upon deciding to include Chango on this website, I proceeded to paint a picture of him. The task was exhausting. He was refusing to come out on the canvas. It was as if I was attempting to open the door for him but he was refusing to enter.

Since Chango can be very demanding, I knew that I needed to use another approach. I decided to put down my brushes and listen- in a spiritual sense. A thought came to my mind. I needed to write first and paint later. It was essential to re-acquaint myself with him.

From early on, I was told that I was 'Hija de Chango' (daughter of Chango). However, what did that mean? Did the father want to reunite with his daughter, or was there something he wanted to reveal to me? I began speaking to him and learning more about him.

Gradually, I began to feel a connection or closeness to Chango. He began to materialize slowly on the canvas. Finally, he was giving me the green light to carry on.

During the process of doing the Spiritual Chango Orisha painting, I felt a strong urge to place a red and white beaded necklace in his hand. In the painting, he is reaching out in a giving gesture. The necklace represents protection.   

In addition to providing protection, Chango clears the path for his followers to continue their earthly and spiritual missions. Although he loves his children very much, he will not tolerate those who are not faithful and conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner. For those who attempt to challenge Chango, the full weight of his ax will be upon them.

After the completion of the Spiritual Chango Orisha painting, I noticed that there was a face on the left side of the double edge ax. I have no idea how it got there, or its meaning. See picture below.

Could it be a reflection or representation of one's soul, or is it a spirit manifestation? What is your opinion? Go below to Content Invitation and share your thoughts.

For all those who believe in Chango, may he guide you in the right path and protect you from all evil.

May Spiritual Chango  bless you now and always.

End of Spiritual Chango.



#1 Comment

Chango Spirit

by Efia 

I just recieved a reading from a medium and was told that I possess the spirit of Chango. I am a female, so this was different for me to understand. As I conducted my research on Chango, I realized that I had seen him several times in my dreams. Felt his love and protection often. Thank you for sharing your experience with him.

#2 Comment

Chango Macho

I ran across the Chango candle a few weeks ago and have burnt it everyday for luck. Since then, I have had money coming from the weirdest places. I thank Chango.

#3 Comment

Shango sword

by Jesus 
(New York City )

I had a dream with shango and I was talking to him in my dreams he gave me his swords he had two long swords on his back crossing each other and I ask him to borrow it. He gave it to me and said I can have it. I told him I'll give it back to him. He said "No, their yours to keep." I said, "Thank you dad." When I woke up I felt the swords. They was so heavy on my back for about a week now I feel them but they don't feel heavy. I just wonder was that an ache that was given to me or something else and why. Is there anyone who can answer my question. Please do thank you.

#4 Comment

Chango in my dreams

by Fatima


I wanted to ask you what my dream means: 

I was possessed by a dark force and was convulsing violently then I called upon the spirit of Chango to enter me and I eventually died and in the dream someone states that I killed someone :-/ The dream made me feel really scared and I do not have much knowledge of Chango until I read your page. Please give me any insight on this, could it be possible that someone can call upon Chango to hurt someone else? The Chango described by you is much different than my dreams yet when I was possessed I felt a powerful surge of energy and power. I appreciate any information you can give me :)


It is the ignorance of individuals who believe and call upon Divine Spiritual beings to do evil to other human beings. Divine Spiritual Beings do not do evil to humans. It is the evil that resides in the person's heart and mind that controls their thoughts and actions. 

From your dream, it appears that the energy of Chango or similar being came to rescue you from yourself. The feeling of dying is the release of whatever you have been holding on or dealing with, eventually setting you free.  


Hello my name is Pedro I am of Cuban and Colombian decent. Today is Christmas Eve and I want to tell everyone happy holidays had a random dream with chango this morning. I was in a classroom filled with young African kids and at the end of class they started passing out orisha statues. I seen I statue of chango and I really wanted it so the teacher was going to give it to somebody else then looked over at me and seeing how really interested I was in it. Then the teacher came over and gave it to me but instead it was something different it was I believe changos head smiling and I immediately start praising it next to a Saint Barbara statue (I understand st Barbara is the same person). I literally fall down in the floor face first with my whole body flat on the floor and started praising chango. It was one of the the most beautifulest feeling ever so I got up and the class was empty except for maybe like two students were still there. There was a weird African student cross sided and smiling at me walking around the classroom with a big machete. I was not scared because he looked friendly to me but a little weird at the same time. I was minding my own business dancing as if I was chango. I was jumping on desk to desk and dancing Flippin, stomping, putting my hands on my hips with my chin sticking way up and my chest very high twisting and turning smiling and loving every moment of the dance. Then towards the end of my dream the cross I did the guy follow me to what I believe was another classroom office of some sort where are there were other kids inside then I look back and it was the cross-eyed guy smiling and I smiled back. We exchanged friendly words but I forget what they were then he walked off. Literally at 9:30 a.m. I woke up what a dream. Speaking to a santero or santera what should be my next step?

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The reflection on the double edged axe is Chango appreciating the dedication to the art, letting you know he is there.

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Hi! I wanted to ask you what my dream means: I was possessed by a dark force and was convulsing violently then I called upon the spirit of Chango …

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I just recieved a reading from a medium and was told that I possess the spirit of Chango. I am a female, so this was different for me to understand. As …

Thought on the double edge axe. Not rated yet
The reflection on the double edged axe is Chango appreciating the dedication to the art, letting you know he is there.

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I ran across the Chango candle a few weeks ago and have burnt it everyday for luck. Since then, I have had money coming from the weirdest places. I thank …

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