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My Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey contains spiritual inspirational stories. It is a fascinated account of the author's experiences as she travels to distant lands in search of spiritual knowledge about God, spirit  and self. From a very young age, she began communicating with spirits.  She began seeing and sensing things others did not see or feel. She attended her first spiritual gathering when she was a very young child. When other children were falling asleep due to boredom or lack of understanding, she was wide awake savoring every moment. She was enthralled by the prayers, readings from Allan Kardec books and the mediums'  love for God, spirits and compassion for their fellowman. Although she understood very little, there was part of her that wanted to learn more.  When she was old enough, she started traveling around the world searching for her spiritual identity.  It was not a conscious decision; it was more like a spiritual pull. She believed it was, and still is, part of her destiny. 

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Spiritual Tales 


Spiritual tales book contains inspirational spiritual stories. It is a riveting, action-pack, vivid and highly readable adventure that will captivate the readers’ attention. Journey to the beginning of time and witness Lucifer’s amazing transformation from an angelic being to a diabolical creature; enter the battlefield where Lucifer and Michael confront each other in a devastating fight to the end; walk by the side of Mary and  experience the painful and emotional anguish of a mother  as she follows Jesus down the streets of Jerusalem and up the hill of Golgotha; follow the story of Lucy who is plagued by an obsessed discarnate spirit from a previous incarnation; listen to the agonizing confession of a suicide victim who thought he would stop his suffering and enter paradise, but instead ended in an abyss of darkness; heed to a message from God as He reveal His disappointment and love for His children; and much more.

If you love inspirational and thought provoking stories, you will enjoy this book.  Don’t wait any longer and purchase this book. Join the adventure and see the characters come to life today. In addition, enjoy artwork created by the author that gives more life and meaning  to each story.

Spiritual Healing Artwork Blog has been created to keep you informed of new and exciting additions to my web site. As time progresses, I will be presenting new paintings as well as topics. You will be able to view my paintings and articles as soon as they are added to my website. All you need to do is click on the orange button to subscribe to my RSS feed and view the items below.

Mar 22, 2020

Ellegua -The Boy Guardian of Roads

Ellegua is a santeria and candomble deity associated with opening and closing life paths. In addition to information and personal experience, this page contains two elegua prayers.

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Mar 22, 2020

Elegua’s help and Love

I must say that ever since I received my warriors Elegua of all of them has been a tremendous positive force in my life. I received them in 2015. My experience

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Nov 13, 2019

New Age Spiritual Books - Inspirational and Soulful Books

New age spiritual books are filled with action packed adventures and spiritual messages. These books are available on amazon

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Nov 13, 2019

Ayahuasca Spiritual Shamanic Ceremony -Sacred Healing Medicine

Ayahuasca Spiritual Shamanic Ceremony - healing the soul to create a balance among the body, mind and soul.

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Oct 15, 2019

Spiritual Healing Artwork - A View into the Spirit World

Spiritual Healing Artwork 4u website was designed to assist the reader in achieving a deeper level of spiritual awareness.

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Oct 03, 2019

Amma Spiritual Leader Painting -Spiritual Healer

Amma Spiritual Leader Painting is a messenger of God and a spiritual healer.

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Sep 24, 2019

GOD is Allah- One God, Different Names

GOD is Allah is the creator of all mankind. He is God the Father. Some call him Allah, God, Jehovah etc. No matter what you call Him, He is one.

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Jul 01, 2019


Elegua has been so good to me.I sing to him I offer to him as much as I can. My life has no direction before elegua. I wake up to him I go to bed to him.

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Dec 23, 2018

John of God -A Brazilian Spiritual Medium

My spiritual journey to La Casa de Dom Inacio/ John of God was very special.John of God is a self-described medium from Brazil, who incorporates spirit doctors who perform psychic surgeries.

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Dec 18, 2018

Powerful Spiritual Prayer -Reaching Out To Jesus

Powerful Spiritual Prayer helps us to overcome overbearing, situations. When our cross becomes extremely heavy, Jesus our Divine Savior is always around to encourage us to move forward.

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Sep 11, 2018


Hello my name is Lori well I have an elegua first of i wasGoing through a rough time in my life when this lady came into my life and she told me that she

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Sep 11, 2018

Please help

I had a dream where I was walking somewhere I didn't know where I was at all. All of a sudden a man with a crucifix with chango on it instead of Jesus,

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Aug 15, 2018

Spirit Guide - Brother from the Spirit Realm

Spirit Guide is the story of Batolo. Discover how Batolo became a spirit guide and what it means to be one.

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Dec 03, 2017

Ma kali protected

I have always been a devotee of ma kali. I remembered when I little my grand parents always told me to pray to ma kali, that she will always protect me

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May 24, 2017

Jesus Christ- Divine Spiritual Master

Jesus Christ has been my divine spiritual master and inspiration.He was my first spiritual master, and will always be the first in my heart.

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May 02, 2017

Lady of Sorrow Message -A Spiritual Message from the Heavens

Lady of Sorrow Message - a message from the Lady of Sorrow to the children of God

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Apr 29, 2017

Orishas Yoruba Paintings - Santeria Saints Elegua, Yemaya, Chango

Orishas Yoruba Paintings-Santeria, Saints such as Oshun, Yemaya, Obatala, Chango and Ellegua are spirits or deities of the santeria religion.

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Apr 26, 2017

Healing Artwork -Tapping Into Our Creative Abilities

Healing artwork can be created by anyone. We possess the ability to produce artwork which assists us to connect to our inner self . All we need to do is let go and release the creative ability...

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Apr 23, 2017

Mother Spiritual Angel -A Gift From God

Mother Spiritual Angel- Although a mother is no longer in the flesh, her love for her children continues.

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Apr 11, 2017

Kali Hindu Goddess Painting

Kali Hindu Goddess painting is the destroyer of evil forces. Some devotees call her Divine Mother or Mother of the Universe.She protects her followers as a mother protects her children.

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Apr 08, 2017

Lucifer Dark Angel -The Story of Satan, Negativity and God

Lucifer Dark Angel - the story of Lucifer- from angel of light to angel of darkness. It is also a love story between Lucifer and Negativity. And, a story of revenge.

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Apr 03, 2017

Brujeria Black Magic -Witchcraft

Brujeria black magic is the power of Evil. Does witchcraft exist or is it all in the mind? This page will attempt to explore some possibilities.

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Jan 09, 2017

Name :laura

Single mother of two. Husband is in jail. He left me with his mother. I was very frustrated being there always hearing n seeing faces of people that didn't

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Nov 06, 2016

Spirit Guide Paintings

Spirit Guide Paintings page is a collection of paintings. These are spirit guides of different individuals.Knowing your spirit guides is the key to understanding the spirit world.

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Oct 25, 2016

Spiritual Ancient Egypt -Revisiting A Past Life

spiritual ancient egypt is about the making of a photo collage that created an opportunity for me to connect with a past life.

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Oct 03, 2016

Chango Spirit

I just recieved a reading from a medium and was told that I possess the spirit of Chango. I am a female, so this was different for me to understand. As

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Aug 29, 2016

Thought on the double edge axe.

The reflection on the double edged axe is Chango appreciating the dedication to the art, letting you know he is there.

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Aug 29, 2016

Shango sword

I had a dream with shango and I was talking to him in my dreams he gave me his swords he had two long swords on his back crossing each other and I ask

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Aug 29, 2016

Finding Spirit

This is a subject close to my heart. I have been illustrating for a number of years. Last year I took up painting for really the first time since I was

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Aug 29, 2016

at the tender age of 45

Bendiciones to all!! At this tender age of 45 I have come across the existence of Elegua! In sharing an apartment with my esteemed and most valuable friend

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Jul 09, 2016

Thought on the double edge axe.

The reflection on the double edged axe is Chango appreciating the dedication to the art, letting you know he is there.

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Apr 19, 2016

Connection with Ancient Egypt?

This started when I was younger and I thought that something was wrong with me, I was different from the other kids. I used to have dreams that I was walking

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Feb 28, 2016

Spiritual Revelation -Battle Between Good and Evil.

Spiritual Revelation - the final confrontation between Saint Michael and Lucifer.

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Feb 28, 2016

Chango Macho

I ran across the Chango candle a few weeks ago and have burnt it everyday for luck. Since then, I have had money coming from the weirdest places. I thank

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Sep 14, 2015

D U A L I T Y!

Let’s start considering what ancient mystic attributed to number two. For them it has been a creative number, active, representing strength. It is when

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Apr 02, 2015

A funny story regarding the functioning of our third eye.

OUR TERTIUM ORGANUM EFFECTIVE AWAKENING. Nowadays a lot is being commented about the awakening of our third eye. Primitive man and even in Ancient

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Apr 02, 2015


2 de junio de 2012 a la(s) 9:44 We, who have walked on the spiritual path for some time, have encountered with a myriad of interesting experiences. One


Apr 01, 2015


OUR SPIRITUAL LIVES AND OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SPHINX I was mediating one Sunday morning about the tremendous importance in our lives regarding Egypt,


Mar 09, 2015

Vibhuti- Powerful Remedy

dear friend Vibhuti is very powerful when taken with luke warm water. I have been taking vibhuti during my nervous condition problem, as my blood clot

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Feb 03, 2015


The past week I have had a desire to draw. Something i dont really do, and when i have ever tired to draw, it hasnt been very well. Nonetheless, something

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Jan 31, 2015

Yemaya saved me

I was 12 yrs old did not know how to swim and was by the pool with my friend when a drunk individual grabbed me and threw me in the deep end of the pool.

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Jan 31, 2015



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