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Elitrios -Negative Energy


Recently, during a trip to the Vale do Amanece in Brasilia, I met a lovely woman called Dora. She has been a member of the Vale for approximately 40 years. In addition to being a lawyer, she is a gifted medium. During our time together, she shared valuable spiritual information. One of them was on Elitrios.

According to Dora, Elitrios are obsessive and vengeful spirits that attach themselves to their victims. When attached, they commence to drain the vital energy of the individual. In many cases, Elitrios are the main cause of physical diseases, which are difficult to diagnose.  

Their hate and vengeful nature is so immense that their wait in the invisible plane, for the right opportunity to attack the person who caused their misery, can extent over millennia.

Although difficult to imagine, she depicted these spirits as having round shaped heads without a body. In addition, they have large eyes, arms and legs attached to the head. 


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