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Connecting with the Universe

Connecting with the Universe on Facebook 

Connecting with the Universe on Facebook

Has you been seacrhing for spiritual questions to things you have been experiencing? Do you feel lost and alone on your quest? There is no need to feel alone. There are many individuals searching for the same answers. 

I want to welcome you to the Connecting with the Universe on Facebook. If you landed here, it is more than likely that you have been guided here. Your soul is searching for more spiritual enlightenment or wanting a deeper spiritual connection. So, go to Facebook and join  the  group. Connecting with the Universe is devoted to give the reader a more profound understanding of the spirit world. You will discover a deeper level of  richness and vastness of the spirit world. 

The Facebook page is dedicated to God’s and HIS/HER’s spirits of light. GOD gives permission to these wonderful spirits of light to come and assist us in reaching GOD’s Divine Light. Moreover, they help us to reach a better understanding of our true spiritual nature and connect with it. 
The Facebook page contains spiritual paintings, spirit inspired books, articles and much more. 
May the light of God shine upon all His children.

The page is for spiritual guidance and growth awareness. No liability will be accepted by the Administrator or readers. 

Go now to Facebook and join the Connecting with the Universe group. 

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