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Curandero Spiritual Healer

Curandero Spiritual Healer

Curandero Spiritual Healer

Curandero Spiritual Healer, "is a traditional healer or shaman found in South America, the United States, certain parts of Europe and Asia. A curandero is a person who dedicates his/her life to the administration of remedies for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses. A curandero's role can also incorporate a psychiatrist's role and that of a doctor and healer. They work with elements from nature and spirits to produce their cures. They operate on two levels- earth and spirit realms. Catholic prayers, holy water, and pictures of saints are often found alongside native religious practices. Many curanderos emphasize their native spirituality in healing while being practicing Roman Catholics.

"Curanderos are often respected members of the community. Believers consider their powers to be supernatural and think that many illnesses are caused by lost malevolent spirits, a lesson from God, or a curse."

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EXCERPT taken from Spiritual Messages and Paintings Book- Chapter-HEALER

"Greetings, my brothers and sisters. I come to address the issue of healing.

I have observed that many individuals prefer to complain about their mental, physical, and spiritual conditions, instead of creating favorable changes in their lives. They back away from any idea of exploring the various options available to them. Some fear the unknown, while others choose to stay in their comfort zone.

I am here to inform everyone there is no need to be afraid or remain in a false comfort zone. Human beings possess the ability to heal and improve their situations. Everything commences from the inside. The gift of self-healing is within you. All you need is to tap into it and unlock it.  

First, to release this ability, the person needs to eliminate self-doubt and fear. These emotions are the person’s worst enemies. They prevent the person from discovering and exploring the many inner hidden talents they possess. 

  Secondly, the willingness to plunge deep inside the self, face inner demons, and yank them out. This requires immense faith and determination.

Many believe that doing the above-mentioned is a difficult challenge. I am here to inform you that nothing in life is unachievable when you possess faith.

Life changes cannot occur if the person possesses fear and disbelief. Individuals who select to continually complain and repeat the same negative patterns seldomly heal and move ahead. 

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