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Earth Affliction
The Future Of The World
A Spiritual Message

Earth Affliction

An immense layer of negative energy is consuming Earth. It is slowly become part of the Earth’s atmosphere. As the earth grows more fragile and unpredictable, its destiny is becoming more uncertain.

Man has decided to write his own chapter on the future of the earth without any Divine consultation or guidance. He has become the master and god of all.

He has unplugged the cord that connects man to the Almighty. He has cropped off the Divine hand that cradles the earth.

Without the supportive guidance of the Divine hand, the Earth is swiveling erratically. Years, months and days are becoming shorter; and natural disasters are becoming more frequent.

Slowly, the Earth is entering into a dark and unpredictable cycle. It is a cycle created by man’s vanity and false beliefs.

People are quick to blame God for all the wrongdoings occurring on Earth. It is easier to blame someone else than to face our inner demons and take responsibility for our actions.

We are all responsible for the condition of the planet- from the person who creates bombs to destroy humans in the name of God to the person who pollutes our air, streets, beaches, etc.

We need to stand together- Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, etc., as brothers and sisters, and work to save our planet. Let us create a cocoon of positive energy, and extinguish the negativity that is suffocating us. The future of this planet is in our hands.


Dear GOD, forgive us our sins and for offending you. I ask you to help us attain  peace on Earth.

Let us treat each other with love and compassion, and destroy any hate that resides inside of us.   

GOD, help us to find the path to your Divine Light. Help us to fight all negative energies that surround us. Give us the strength to overcome all obstacles. I am ready to become a soldier in your army. May YOUR will be done. 

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