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Earthly Emotions -A Spiritual Test

Earthly emotions, such as hate, fear, anger and envy, are lessons set up to assist us in our spiritual growth. We are constantly being tested. Although many individuals pass the various tests involving emotions, others do not. They are devoured by the emotion keeping them prisoner within themselves.

When an emotion such as hate enters us, we need to recognize it, allow it to enter and release it from our body. If we become one with the emotion or entertain it, the emotion will eventually consume us making it harder to release and hindering our spiritual growth.


Below are paintings representing various emotions with a brief explanation.


Hate -to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extremely aversion for or extremely hostility toward: detest (Webster Dictionary).

When a person is full of hate, he or she is trapped in a world of darkness. Even though the person is surrounded by total darkness, the opportunity to free himself from the strong hold of hate is always available.

In the painting above, everything is black except for a small white dot. The dot represents the exit from darkness that is available to all who are consumed by hate.

To be continued


Fear can deprive the person from being his or her true self. Fear takes away all your aspirations and keeps you hidden or locked away in obscurity.  

However, fear can be perceived as advantageous in certain situations. Fear can prevent the person from committing harmful acts on self or others.

To be continued



What is anger? Is it good or bad? Many individuals see anger as a destructive emotion.  However, anger is not always harmful. It can be used as a motivating tool to assist individuals to make favorable lifestyle changes.

When anger is of an unfavorable source, it is important to recognize it, work it through, and release it. The more focus we place on anger, the more harmful it becomes. If you nourish it, it will grow and eventually dominate your thoughts and actions.



Earthly emotions will continue

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