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Emotional Grief Death Process
 Soul Departure

Emotional Grief Death Process
Letting Go

Emotional Grief Death Process

Death is a reality. A reality we cannot escape or avoid. It does not matter the person's socioeconomic status, nationality, race, or religious beliefs. Death does not discriminate. It waits patiently for the right moment to enter our lives.

Many individuals believe that the soul lives on while the body dies. If dying is not the end but the beginning, why is it so difficult for us to let go of a loved one who is dying? Why do we cry and pray desperately for a miracle? Why do we question God when a miracle does not manifest? Why do we continue to cling to the dying person and refuse to accept the impending truth that death is near?

Isn't death freedom? To be free from the earthly shackles that keep the incarnate spirit confined to the body. So, why do we cry?

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Someone shared the following statement concerning the questions mentioned above. "When a loved one departs, we cry for selfish reasons. We cry because we feel abandoned. Many people say, 'What will I do without him?' or 'How will I survive without her?' As you can see, the word 'I' managed to come out. Besides, many of us cry because deep inside, on an unconscious level, we know that they are free to go home while we remain chained to the various kinds of earthly afflictions. Their earthly mission is over."

When a person clings to a dying person, he or she is doing more harm than good. The dying person's awareness of their loved one's desperation makes it difficult for the person to die peacefully. According to Sogyal Rinpoche, author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, " can bring him or her a lot of unnecessary heartaches...the dying person can linger on many months or weeks longer than doctors expected and experience tremendous physical suffering."

Additionally, Sogyal Rinpoche believes that for the dying person to let go and die peacefully, their loved ones should, "...give the person permission to die, and...reassure the person they will be all right after he or she has gone, and that there is no need to worry about them."

All parties need to know that the separation is only temporary, and the word farewell is inappropriate. The correct phrase is until we meet again.

When the spirit steps out of the body, it leaves behind flesh and bones. The body is of no importance. The weight of earthly worries, fears, and illnesses no longer exists. The spirit liberates itself from its earthly shell, moving on to a spiritual realm or spiritual home. It is there that the spirit finds healing and reunites with loved ones who departed earlier. It is a time of much celebration and joy.

After a period of regeneration and spiritual healing, the spirit is allowed to come and visit us. Just because we cannot see them as before does not mean that they are not around. They can see and hear us better than before. They have not forgotten us. Their love for us remains steadfast. We are not alone.

When someone dear to you is dying, always remember to let go and give them permission to die. Tell them that it is okay to leave. The separation is only temporary, and we will meet again.

The Final Goodbye is NEVER final, for we will meet again.

Emotional Grief Death Process

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