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Haitian Affliction -Mother Nature Visits Haiti

Haitian Affliction

On January 12, 2010, Mother Nature decided to visit Haiti. She entered the country undetected. Immigration, police and/ or high-ranking politicians were not around to greet her. She roamed the streets freely without being noticed.

As she walked around, she began to feel immense sadness. Nothing had changed since her last visit. Conditions were still deplorable and unacceptable-lack of hospitals, indecent housing facilities, hunger, etc. Things had remained the same, if not worst. The world had forgotten the pain and suffering of the Haitian people.

Soon, her sadness turned into rage. The more she witnessed, the more enraged she got. “This has to stop. Humanity must realize that they are one, and must help their brothers and sisters who are less fortunate. Today, the Haitians are in need. Tomorrow, it could be anyone. Earth was created for the enjoyment of all God’s children, and not for a selected group,” she exclaimed violently.

Reaching a point of extreme indignation, she stomped her foot down hard on the earth creating a violent vibration causing destruction and calamity everywhere. Nothing was safe. Destruction was in force full leaving rubble and dead bodies all around. The clear sky was replaced by a mist of darkness.

As she walked away, she turned around and said, “Forgive me for causing you so much pain. I hope that this time your brothers and sisters from all around the world will look at you and see themselves, have some compassion and help you to develop into a nation of pride, where hospitals, adequate housing, food and much more are available to all. You are God’s children and deserve that and more.”

With that being said, she turned around and walked away fading into the mist. Although her visit was short, it will always be unforgettable.

Note: The photo below was taken from the NY Daily News on January 14, 2010.

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Haitian Affliction 
Haitian Affliction  
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