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A Spiritual Journey To La Casa de Dom Inacio Where Medium John of God Spirit Guides Perform Miracles

UPDATE: John of God has been arrested. He is accused or raping and sexual molesting approximately 500 women.

Whether this is true or not, it is for the court to determined. What is extremely important here is we are guilty of placing mediums on pedestals. We see them as having divine power when in fact they have none. Mediums are instruments of spirits. Without spirits they knows nothing and cannot do anything. Mediums are human beings with imperfections. That is why it is so important for mediums to work on themselves releasing all negative aspects of their personality. It is important for the mediums to keep in check their egos. 

Remember, NEVER give your power away. Elevate, in your mind, spirits of Divine light and not mediums. 

Then, there was light...

La Casa de Dom Inacio/ Medium John of God

"I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God's divine hands." (John of God)

There are three types of people who visit La Casa de Dom Inacio. The first type consists of individuals who are experiencing illness and desperately seeking a cure; the second type consists of inquisitive individuals; and the third type is comprised of individuals who are called upon by a spiritual force to visit La Casa. I believe that I belong to the latter group.

My first encounter with La Casa de Dom Inacio/ Medium John of God was in 2003. It was a sad time in my life. My mother had survived a brain hemorrhage; and I was trying desperately to help her regain full health. Shortly after being released from the hospital, the family decided that my mother and I should visit my brother in Brazil. The family felt that the warm climate and new surroundings were the perfect combination for her recovery.

During my stay in Brazil, I received an e-mail from a friend informing me of a man who lived in Brazil, and incorporated spirit doctors who healed people. After reading the e-mail, I inquired about the distance between Abadiania and Espírito Santo-where I was staying. It was a two-day bus ride. Seeing it as an unfeasible trip due to my mother’s physical condition, I rejected the idea of going there.

Presently, I have concluded that the trip was not impossible, but rather not meant to be. The option of going by plane never entered my mind.

A year after my mom had crossed over, the names of Dom Inacio and Medium John of God resurfaced. Bored with the television program that I was watching, I decided to switch the channel. The names of Dom Inacio and John of God appeared. The program was a documentary on La Casa de Dom Inacio and Medium John of God. After watching the program, I felt a strong sensation of wanting more. Intrigued by what I had seen, I went into the internet to gather more information. During the search, I came across a woman’s web site that offered trips to La Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. In addition, for those financially strapped or physically impossible to travel, she offered to take your photo requests for distance healing. Not having the inclination to travel there, I contacted the woman and opted for the photo/ distance healing.

Although I was not physically ill or in need of distance healing, I needed to establish some connection with La Casa de Dom Inacio. The reason for wanting a connection was a complete mystery to me.

Three years had gone by, and the names of Dom Inacio and Medium John of God remained locked away in my memory bank. It was in 2008 that a powerful urge to visit La Casa began to materialize.

In October 2008, I attended a hypnosis workshop, which not only helped me to attain additional hypnosis techniques, but also opened the door to a new spiritual experience. After a few hours into the workshop, I began to get fidgety. As I started looking around the room, I was amazed to discover that the woman sitting to my right had placed her John of God bag facing my direction. It was as if the bag was waiting patiently to get my attention.

During the break, I started asking the woman questions. She appeared more than happy to share, and answer my questions. She said that she had recently visited La Casa with a friend, and loved the experience. She depicted La Casa as a phenomenal spiritual place. Additionally, she indicated that her friend was planning to go again, but was not sure when. By the end of the workshop, we had exchanged e-mail addresses and said our farewells. I never thought I would hear from her again.

One day, while checking my e-mails, I was surprised to see an e-mail from her. That was the start of a wonderful friendship, and the beginning of a new adventure - trip to La Casa.

During one of her e-mails, she informed me that her friend, who had visited La Casa approximately ten times, was planning to go next year. Furthermore, she related that she would speak to him and let me know the details.

A few weeks later, she wrote me an e-mail saying that her friend was definitely going, and I was welcomed to join them. In a short period, all the arrangements were made.

On the day of my departure, I decided to take my Yemaya necklace with me, as I had always done in the past. When I grabbed my necklace to place in my suitcase, I noticed that the beads were falling. My necklace had broken, and I did not know how. Instead of being upset, I felt a sense of calmness. I immediately got on my knees and started picking up the beads. I heard a voice far away saying, “You need to throw away the old, and make way for the new.” Moreover, I was instructed to take the beads with me and discard them in a body of water. My necklace had done its job, and now it was time to let go.

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