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Mediumship Development- Being of Service to the Spirit World

Mediumship Development


I had just walked into the room and quickly sat down. The room was crowded and noisy. We were waiting for the transfiguration demonstration to commence.

(Transfiguration mediumship is the ability to allow deceased loved ones to come back by the use of ectoplasm. Spirit takes the ectoplasm from the body of the medium and places it in front of the medium’s face. When a spirit presses against the ectoplasm, the face and, at times, the entire body can be seen over the medium’s body).

The man sitting next to me introduced himself and asked me if it was my first time seeing the demonstration. I replied yes. He smiled and said, “You are going to enjoy it.” We continued speaking.

He said that he was a medium who had recently graduated from a mediumship development course. He took a business card out of his jacket and handed it to me. Indeed, the card had his name and the word medium below it. Appointment only and telephone number were also printed on the card. The card design was very impressive.

“How much do you charge?” I inquired. “Right now, my fee is 50 dollars for an hour reading,” he proudly stated. Our conversation ended abruptly when the presenter began speaking. The demonstration was about to start.

Although the demonstration was quite interesting, I could not stop thinking about the man sitting next to me. What kept popping into my head were the following: mediumship course, graduation, business cards and fees. I could not believe how much mediumship had changed. It went from being very sacred to a moneymaking business.

(“Mediumship is a sacred thing which must be practiced in a sacred and religious manner. This gift is received freely from God. Mediumship consists of being interpreters for the spirit. It does not give the medium the right to sell words that do not belong to them. A medium does not get the information from herself but from the souls of dead people. The thought of a medium putting a price on what the spirits are saying is instinctively repugnant. God doesn’t want the most poor to remain disinherited and might say: I couldn’t receive any help to aid my problem because I’m too poor to pay for it.”)-The Gospel According to Allan Kardec

Growing up in spiritism, I was able to witness and appreciate the many wonders of the spirit world. It was evident that mediumship was a divine gift from God. Our teachers or mentors were God’s spirit messengers. There was never a graduation since mediumship development is a profound continuous process which can last a lifetime or beyond.

Having a card with your name and the word medium underneath is inconsequential. What is imperative are recognizing your guides, their individual energy, and the direction they are following.

Not all mediums develop the same faculty such as physical mediums, visual mediums, hearing mediums, healing mediums, psychographic mediums, and so on. Therefore, it is best for mediums to explore their mediumship in a safe and secure place with mediums who are surrounded by loving and elevated guiding spirits.

A medium should develop his or her mediumship for love of God and spirit, and not for financial gains.

It is not easy being a medium. Mediums are extremely sensitive to positive as well as negative vibrations. Therefore, the medium must work faithfully to maintain a strong connection with spirits of light.

Mediums who refuse to follow the teachings of spirits of light, find themselves without the full protection of their spirit guides. They become puppets of the negative elements that surround them.

Ego is the medium’s worst enemy. It leads the medium into a path of personal destruction. When the ego takes over, the medium deviates from a path of humanistic and spiritual values.

I recall spirits always giving messages pertaining to humility. “A medium must be humble at all times,” they would say.

If you are interested in mediumship development, be aware of the following:

1-Mediumship means to surrender fully to spirits of light.

2-Mediumship means spiritual service.

3-You need to yank out the roots of ego and maintain a humble attitude.

4-Your commitment to spirit should be sincere.

5-You should seek mediums who are surrounded by spirits of light to assist you with your mediumship development process. They should be humble, loving and sincere.

6-Walk away from mediums who have big ego and are money hungry. These mediums are not out to be of service to spirit. They are out to feed their ego and attain personal gain.

7-Mediumship is not a moneymaking machine.

8-Spirits of light are our mentors. Listen and learn.

9-Acquaint yourself with your spirit guides.

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Mediumship Development

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