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Repressed Memories
Lost Memories of My Beloved Dog

Repressed Memories

One day, I was inspired to paint and write a page on pets. Although I was not a pet owner, I found it relatively easy to gather information about pets from other sources.

During the process of collecting information, I discovered the powerful link between people and their pets- something I never thought about before.

After gathering all the information that I needed, I sat down and wrote a page. The task was enjoyable and informative. Next, it was time to paint.

I was near the middle of my painting project when something intriguing began to surface. I began to recover past memories. They were not past life memories; rather, they were memories from my present life-memories I had excluded from my conscious mind. The memories were about my childhood dog- Bobbi, the dog I had unconsciously erased from my mind.

How could I have forgotten Bobbi? He was an important part of my childhood. He was my friend, playmate and protector.

Bobbi was the family pet for many years. When I was approximately eight years old, our family moved to a place where dogs were not permitted.  Having no other alternative, Bobbi was taken to the ASPCA-animal shelter. I remember crying, in an uncontrollable manner, for days. We never had another dog after Bobbi.

My brother, who was extremely attached to Bobbi, has had several dogs in his adult life. I have had none. I never had a desire to purchase a dog. Now, I know why.

The painful experience of losing Bobbi made me block his existence. On an unconscious level, I decided never to attach myself to another dog. It was my way of protecting myself from experiencing the pain of loss and/or separation.

The painting project helped me to recapture the wonderful and fun memories I experienced with Bobbi, and heal an old wound.

Presently, I think of Bobbi often without feeling sad. I reminisce about the joy he gave me. I am so grateful for recovering such great memories.

Bobbi, wherever you are, thanks you for being a friend, playmate, and protector. Forgive me for forgetting you for so long. I love you.

If you have a pet, love it with all your heart. God created these creatures to bring us joy and teach us how to love unconditionally.

End of Repressed Memories.

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