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Saint Dom Inacio
The Principal Spirit Guide of Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil
Where Miracles Happen From The Spirit Realm

Saint Dom Inacio

Saint Dom Inacio, also known as Saint Ignatius of Loyola, was born December 24, 1491 in Spain. Born into nobility, he was the youngest of 13 children. His mother died when he was 7 years old.

In 1509, he joined the military forces. During the Battle of Pomplona, in May 20, 1521, he received a severe leg injury.

During his recovery and confinement, he began reading several religious texts pertaining to the life of Jesus and saints. At that time, submerged in the deep teachings of Jesus, his spiritual transformation began to emerge. He began leading a life of spiritual humility similar to that of Francis of Assisi.

During his stay in Manresa, Catalonia, he experienced spiritual enlightenment. He began having visions of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus. It was during this time that he formulated his Spiritual Exercises- a series of meditation.

At the time of the Spanish Inquisition, he faced many hardships, including persecution and incarceration. He was arrested twice for teaching the ways of God without the proper training.

In 1528, he traveled to Paris and studied theology for seven years.

In 1534, he created the Society of Jesus with six of his companions.

In 1537, Pope Paul lll permitted the group to be ordained priests. They devoted themselves to preaching and doing charitable work throughout Italy.

In July 31, 1556, in Rome, Saint Ignatius released himself from the body. 

In July 1609, Pope Paul V beatified him; and in May 1622, Pope Gregory XV canonized him. 

My awareness of Saint Dom Inacio began around 2003. It was in connection to La Casa de Dom Inacio -a healing center in Brazil.

According to numerous volunteers and repeated visitors, he is the principal spirit guide of John of God. Countless of individuals have reported feeling his powerful energy around them.

Although I had distance healing from La Casa, and visited the healing centre twice, I always felt more connect to the other entities. However, in time, that would change.

My first visit to La Casa, was full of many spiritual surprises. Click here Casa Dom Inacio and read about my first La Casa experience.

Although I could not provide concrete evidences to satisfy the human mind, undoubtedly, something extremely powerful and spiritual was happening in La Casa.

On the way back home, the idea of painting a picture of Dom Inacio with the other entities began emerging. However, after a day or two back home, the idea vanished.

Approximately two years later, the idea began to resurface. This time, it would be a portrait of Dom Inacio without the other entities. It felt as if permission was being granted to do so.

It was during a meditation session when things began to unfold. I saw myself standing near the entrance of La Casa, healing center. The grounds were deserted and dark. From a distant, I could see a flicker of light. As I started walking toward the light, I suddenly found myself in the first current room. I continued walking towards the second current room. It was there that I saw Dom Inacio sitting on a grand throne exuding a majestic presence. From the look in his eyes, it seemed he was waiting for me. He took my hand and spoke. Even though I have tried desperately to remember his words, I cannot.

By the end of the meditation, I felt fidgety. I kept repeating his name non-stop. The behavior continued until I felt asleep.

The next day, I became obsessed with painting his portrait. It was during the painting process that I began to realize several things.

One lesson is that things will occur when the time is right and not when we want them to. It could take several years for something to manifest. If it is meant to happen, it will happen. The key is to have much faith and patience.

More importantly, I believe that the vision, during meditation, was Saint Dom Inacio inviting me to return. He was letting me know that my healing process was in its infancy stage, and much work needed to be done. I have visited La Casa two more times- an adventure worthy of a separate page.

After my last visit, I returned with a desire to correct the portrait. The painting above is the final production.

For a true spiritual experience, visit La Casa de Dom Inacio. He will welcome you warmly.

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