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Santo Daime Religious Practice 
Ayahuasca and World Beyond

Santo Daime Religious Practice

Santo Daime is a Brazilian religion established by Raimundo Irineu Serra-a humble Brazilian man. He was born in 1892. At the age of 15, he left his hometown and traveled around Brazil engaging in numerous occupations. It was during his stay in Acre that he met two brothers who invited him to a spiritual ceremony. It was during this ceremony that he was introduced to Ayahuasca.

(Ayahuasca is a brew or beverage used in indigenous rituals going back to the Inca civilization. It is a mixture of plants, which is known to induce altered states of consciousness).

It was during one of these spiritual ceremonies that Raimundo saw a, “lady sitting in the center of the moon- with an eagle in her head….” She identified herself as, “The Queen of the Universal.” She informed him that he was selected for a very important spiritual mission. However, she warned him that commercializing his spiritual gift was not acceptable.

From that point, she became his spiritual beacon guiding him throughout his spiritual preparation and work.

Raimundo named the new religion Daime. Later, the Santo was added to it. Daime means give me in Portuguese and Spanish. "A phrase 'Daime força, daime amor' (give me strength, give me love), recurs in the doctrine's hymns."

Santo Daime practice, “incorporates elements of several religious or spiritual traditions including Folk Catholicism, Kardecist Spiritism, African animism and South American Shamanism…”

Presently, there are several Daime churches around the globe. These churches, "...promote a wholesome lifestyle in conformity with Irineu's motto of 'harmony, love, truth and justice', as well as other key doctrinal values such as strength, humility, fraternity and purity of heart. The practice became a worldwide movement in the 1990s" (Wikipedia).

During a visit to Brazil, my friend wanted me to experience, “an incredible spiritual event.” He had attended Santo Daime ceremony twice, and could not stop talking about his spiritual journey.

When he asked permission for me to attend, it was denied. Since, I was not willing to ingest the herbal concoction called Ayahuasca, I could not partake in the ceremony.

The rules had been changed after an unpleasant incident. The incident involved a woman who was permitted to attend a ceremony without ingesting the brew. She began laughing and mocking those who were undergoing the process.

Although I did not experience the spiritual ceremony, years later, I attended a ceremony in which Ayahuasca was used as "spiritual medicine" (Read Medicine Spirit).

According to my friend, his spiritual experiences were extraordinary. After each ceremony, he noticed an overall improvement in his health. "It was a spiritual journey that is difficult to put in words," he stated.

From the depiction of his experiences, it appears that this religion is truly a spiritual blessing.

Santo Daime religious practice, Santo Daime religious practice

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