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Shirdi Saibaba
Indian Spiritual Master

Shirdi Saibaba
Indian Spiritual Master

Shirdi SaiBaba, a spiritual healer and miracle worker, was a man with extraordinary spiritual gifts. There is no substantial information pertaining to his early years. And, whatever is on hand is only conjectural. The information that is available and is an actuality is that he arrived at the village of Shirdi, India, at the age of sixteen, possessed remarkable powers, and died in 1918.

According to H.S. Ganguly, in his book, Sai Baba of Shirdi, the people of Shirdi first noticed him while he was sitting under a neem tree.

His divine greatness became apparent when a man named Yad Patil lost his beloved black horse.

Yad Patil and his men searched everywhere, but to no avail. They entered the village of Shirdi, hoping to attain some information, but no one had seen the horse.

Unexpectedly, he approached Yad Patil and assured him that he would get his horseback. As he raised his right hand to bless Yad Patil, "people heard the sound of a galloping horse." To everyone's amazement, the horse appeared standing near Yad Patil. After witnessing this miraculous event, the people of Shirdi became intrigued by his phenomenal spiritual gift.

In her book, Sree Chakravarti states, A Healer's Journey, that the people of Shirdi recognized his supreme greatness when a few shepherd boys were playing near the neem tree where he was sitting. A full-grown cobra appeared, "making a beeline for one of the boys...before the cobra could strike," he "gently upbraided the snake" and asked it why he wanted to hurt the child? "The snake stopped in its tracks, glided to Sai Baba, dipped its hood in homage at his feet, and then slid away." When the villagers became aware of this miracle, he was looked at with great admiration.

Additionally, he healed the sick with vibhuti or udhi (holy ash). In H.S.Ganguly's book, he depicts a case in which a distressed man went to him for help.

The man's wife, who was the caretaker of his blind mother and lame sister, became extremely ill. Fearing that his wife was going to die, he ran to see the Divine Baba.

He gave him three packets of vibhuti-one for each of his family members. When he arrived home, he placed the vibhuti from one packet on his mother's eyes, gave the second packet to his sister with instructions on what to do, and poured the vibhuti of the third packet into his wife's mouth.

He was astonished that his mother was seeing, his sister was walking, and his wife had recovered fully.

"For Those Who Believe, No Words Are Necessary; For Those Who Do Not Believe, No Words Are Possible".........Dom Inacio de Loyola

During my stay in Shirdi, a short and simple spiritual prayer came to my mind.

SaiBaba, open up my heart and my mind so that I can see and feel God's light.

The person saying this prayer must repeat the words three times. When referring to the heart, the person's hand should be placed on the heart area; when referring to the mind, the hand should go over the forehead. The key to this prayer or any other prayer is to say it with immense faith and love.

May he hear your prayers and grant you your wish.

"You may go anywhere in the world, and there I go with you. My abode is your heart; I dwell within you".........Shirdi SaiBaba

May the spiritual painting of the Shirdi SaiBaba bring comfort and spiritual healing to all those in need.

May he bless and grant you and your family health, peace, and good fortune now and always.

Om Sainathaya Namaha

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