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Spirit Artwork
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Welcome to my on-line gallery.  Click here to go to my gallery.  Each painting has been inspired by spirits of light. They are either part of this website or connected to stories from books the author has written- click here. Feel free to browse. Hope you enjoy the paintings as well as the stories. 

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  1. Love and Compassion

    Jan 20, 22 12:08 AM

    Do you sense the madness that is roaming the planet? It is very real. People are angry and react senselessly without thinking of the consequences. We need to start helping each other to stop the madne…

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  2. Spiritual Empath

    Jan 19, 22 02:00 PM

    Are you a spiritual empath? A spiritual empath is a highly sensitive person. These individuals sense when spirit energy is nearby. They also can become aware of people's emotions. To read more, click…

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  3. The Hat Man

    Jan 18, 22 02:00 PM

    Have you heard about the Hat Man or Shadow Beings? Many individuals believe they are dark, evil entities, while others view them differently. Click and read more on these beings.


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