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Spirit Communication -Reaching Out To The Spirit World


Spirit Communication

“The desire of all who aspire to be mediums is, naturally, to be able to converse with the spirits of persons who are dear to them; but they must moderate their impatience, for communication with a special spirit frequently offers material difficulties that render it impossible for the beginner. It may be, then, that the one with whom communication is desired may not be in propitious condition to make it …may also be that he has neither the possibility nor permission to come…it is best …not to persist in asking for one spirit to the exclusion of all others”-The Book on Mediums by Allan Kardec

Recently, a woman said to me, “I pray and pray, and still I can’t achieve spirit communication.” Finding her statement intriguing, I decided to investigate further.

Why is it that some people are able to communicate with spirits, while others cannot? Are there specific requirements that one must adhere to? Or, is it a selection process conducted by spirits? 

Although Allan Kardec's statement on people being impatient and persistent when attempting to connect with spirit is accurate, there are other factors of great importance.

After having a lengthy conversation with the above-mentioned woman, I uncovered the truth behind the problem. Instead of allowing the process to happen naturally, she was imposing her own set of rules. Her conditions ranged from how to when. She wanted to see, not feel or hear them; she wanted to see specific family members only- the rest of the spirit population was excluded; and she wanted to control the times and places where the manifestations would take place.

After hearing all her demands, I can imagine spirits saying, “Oh my God, the woman is a control freak….I‘m out of here.” Never to be seen, heard or felt.

Spiritual communication is not about making demands. Who are we to make demands on God.

The first requirement for spiritual communication is to believe and accept the existence of spirit. We must embrace and welcome them into our lives.

Prayer is a great tool and a vital part of the communication process. However, prayer without faith is meaningless and fruitless. The prayer is just empty words without any substance.

For a prayer to be powerful, the person needs to feel it deeply. It needs to be said with much faith and released to the universe. It should not be a list of demands.

Moreover, we need to fine-tune our spiritual senses. Since spirits operate on a dissimilar frequency than ours, it is vital to fine-tune our spiritual senses in order to link with them.

Spiritual communication is comparable to tuning into a radio station. Imagine yourself turning the radio on. Before reaching your desire station, you encounter in between station static. You continue turning the knob until the correct frequency or desire station is reached.

The same process applies to spirit communication. Our world and the spirit world are two distinct stations. Before reaching the correct spirit frequency, we find ourselves between stations listening to incomprehensible noise. It is when our spiritual senses are fine-tuned that static noise is removed, and communication is possible.

Fine-tuning our spiritual senses can be achieved through meditation. By practicing meditation, the person can achieve a high level of mental, physical and spiritual calmness and awareness.

As adults, we are inundated with so many mundane issues. It is imperative to free our minds of such issues, in order to clear the way for spirit communication.

Children are innocent creatures who are free of mundane issues, and do not discriminate between the tangible and intangible. They freely accept without being analytical. They can receive spirit communication effortlessly. We need to connect to our inner child and become a child again.

Jesus said, “Allow the little children to come to me, and don‘t hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Most certainly, I tell you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child, he will in no way enter into it.”

Anyone can achieve spiritual communication. We just need to be humble and sincere.

As for the woman who said, "I pray and pray, and still I can’t communicate with spirit,” her approach was all wrong. She was lacking humility and faith.

Hope, you enjoyed the above spiritual painting. The painting is a reminder that spirits are always around us. Just like the woman in the painting, we just need to open the door and let them in.

End of Spirit Communication

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