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          Spiritual Attachment
                       Part 1

Spirit Obsession

"Evil spirits swarm around the Earth, because of the moral inferiority of its inhabitants. The evil action they carry out is a part of the scourge that plagues mankind in this world..."

"The evil spirit waits for the other whom he dislikes to be linked to his physical body so that, less free, he is more vulnerable, easier to be tormented, hurt in his personal interests or in his most dear affections."

The Gospel According to Spiritism by Allan Kardec.

The Story of Lucy

Lucy was the only child of Sam and Elizabeth. Her childhood was quite normal. She played with dolls, rode her bike and exhibited behavior that was common for a child her age.

When Lucy was approximately ten years old, her mother took her to a spiritual gathering. Although her mother was not a believer, she went to please and accompany her sister.

During the middle of the gathering, a medium pointed at Elizabeth and said, “You are the mother of the child sitting next to you, am I correct? Please, stand.”

After a minute or two of looking directly at Lucy and then her mother, the medium began to speak. “There is a dark, negative energy attached to your daughter. The energy claims that your daughter belongs to him. Also, he is going to make her pay the debt that is owed to him."

Not understanding a word of what the medium was saying, Elizabeth began to feel agitated.

After a short pause, the medium continued. "Although you don't fully understand what is happening right now, it is important for you to know that your daughter needs proper spiritual help in order to detach the energy from her. Today, we will begin with prayers, but it is important that you and your daughter continue to attend these sessions. We need to appeal to God for His help in order to work with this energy.”

The group began to pray asking for God’s help. As the group continued to pray, the medium began to give spiritual passes-a transfer of energy from one person to another- to Lucy in an attempt to free her from some of the negative energy.

When the gathering was over, Elizabeth insisted in leaving immediately. Outside she expressed her displeasure. "Spirit attachment is just ridiculous. How can you believe in such nonsense?” she questioned her sister. She vowed never to return.

           Spiritual Affliction  
           Part 2

As time went on, Lucy blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She excelled in her academic studies, as well as dancing. Dancing was her passion, and she was exceptionally good at it.

When she was fifteen years old, she had a terrifying dream. In the dream, she was shackled and held prisoner by a sinister looking man. As he violently dragged her along desolated fields, he kept saying, “You belong to me.” When she woke up, she was trembling and sweating profusely. The dream was so vivid.

Immediately, she told her mother the dream. Her mother discarded it nonchalantly and said, “It’s just nonsense…a meaningless dream.”

Things had been going fantastic for Lucy. She had graduated from high school, was attending college and continued to excell in her dancing. The detail of her past dream was a faded memory.

She met Phil, a college senior, during her second year of college. They fell in love and soon were talking about marriage. Although her parents wanted her to finish college first, they gave in to her wishes.

The same year that Phil graduated from college, they were married. She appeared to be the happiest girl in the world.

On her wedding night, she saw two eyes staring at her in the dark. Frightened by the apparition, she immediately reached out to Phil. When she told him what she had seen, his behavior was comparable to her mother. He smiled and assured her that it was the reflection of the light from outside.

That night, she had a dream similar to the one she had years ago. She saw herself shackled and crying for mercy. She could sense the man’s imperishable hate. With much venom in his words, he uttered, “You will never find happiness…I promise you that.”

After a month or two, Lucy began to feel restless. The happiness she once felt was no longer there.

Although Phil was a good husband, Lucy felt that her life was empty and unfulfilling. After a few months of being married, she became pregnant. She thought a baby would change her life and fill the void. However, she was wrong.

Lucy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Despite the fact that everyone around her was overjoyed, she was not. The emptiness was still there.

The first few months, she played the role of the happy wife and mother, but deep inside, she was unhappy. Not being able to continue the pretense, she decided to leave.

One night, while her husband and baby slept, she wrote a brief note explaining her departure,  packed a few items, grabbed some money she had saved and left. The decision was made, and there was no turning back. Not once did she look back or wonder if she was doing the right thing. She just kept walking into the darkness of the night.

After many months of working nights and attending auditions during the day, she finally got her first break. She was hired as a dancer for a dance company.

Occasionally, she would call her mother for a brief update. Whenever her mother commenced sermonizing, she would hang up quickly. She was living her life and did not want anyone to interfere. Her husband, as well as her father, refused to have any contact with her.

After two years of traveling across the globe with the dance company, Lucy's life changed once more. The lead dancer had an accident that left her immobile, and Lucy was selected to replace her. It was the opportunity she had waited for all her life.

Her first solo performance was superb. Everyone wanted to know who she was. She had gone from being nameless to recognizable. She had reached her goal.

Every performance was done with the highest perfection. She received many accolades wherever she went. Although she was on top of her profession, she continued to feel incomplete and empty.

She went from one relationship to another, never finding what she wanted or needed. Each relationship was short-lived. Everyone adored Lucy, the dancer, but no one took the time to know Lucy, the person.

The more she searched for happiness and companionship, the more lonely and unloved she felt. On several occasions, she would look at herself in the mirror and, with tears in her eyes, she would ask herself, “Why can’t I be happy?”

Her dreams were becoming more disturbing and frequent. The scenario was always the same- chained, dragged and an ominous laughter. “What does it all mean?” she wondered.

In an attempt to get answers and mental comfort, she decided to visit a therapist. After numerous sessions, she witnessed no change. Her dreams were consistent, and her depression was intensifying. Convinced that her problems stemmed from unresolved family issues, the therapist suggested she revisit her family and confront her past. Additionally, the therapist felt that her dreams and depression were the result of inner guilt feelings connected to her abandonment of family.

By this time, her parents had passed away, her husband had remarried, and her daughter was in high school. She tried communicating with her daughter, but only to be rejected. Her daughter refused to establish any kind of relationship with her. The only person who accepted her back was her aunt, Josephine. She was the same aunt who took her and her mother to a spiritual gathering when she was a little girl.

While visiting Josephine, Lucy told her about the dreams. Her aunt suggested that perhaps they were of a spiritual nature. Although Lucy was never a spiritual person, the suggestion gave her something to consider.

Furthermore, Josephine offered to take her to a spiritual gathering the following week. Since she had taken a long sabbatical from dancing due to health reasons-depression and an injured knee, she agreed to attend the gathering.

            Unrepentant Soul
                     Part 3

“Hi. I am just calling to let you know that I won’t be going to the gathering today. I have a severe headache. I just want to stay in and relax. Perhaps, next time,” Lucy told her aunt.

“You are being manipulated by the energy. I want you to take two aspirins and get ready. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,“ her aunt responded adamantly.

Knowing that her aunt could be very persistent, she got up, took two aspirins and got dressed.

Upon arriving at Lucy’s apartment, her aunt, a spiritual medium, began explaining the spiritual process to Lucy. It was important to have faith and maintain a positive outlook.

On the way to the gathering, Lucy was a bit anxious. It was many years since her first visit to a spiritual gathering. When they arrived, they sat down and waited patiently for the session to start.

The session opened with a prayer to God and his spirits of light. After reading numerous prayers, Lucy was asked to stand. Feeling shaky, Lucy got up slowly.

The medium began speaking, “There is a negative energy around you. It is the energy of a spirit from a past life. He is seeking revenge and has attached himself to you. He says he will not leave until all debts are paid in full.”

Suddenly, the medium closed her eyes. Her mannerisms and voice began to change. She was under the influence of the spirit.

She spoke in a voice full of hostility. “You will never be happy. I will make you pay for everything you did,” were the words that came out of the medium’s mouth.

“Don’t you remember me? I was your slave-the one you tortured and killed. Because of your sadistic and demonic acts, I decided to escape. I was unsuccessful in doing so. I was captured, chained and dragged back to the plantation. There, I was restrained to a tree. As a punishment to me, and a warning to all your slaves, you had my wife and five year old daughter burned alive.” There was a moment of silence. Then, with a tone of immense resentment, the medium, still under the influence of the spirit, continued to speak.

“Helpless, I heard their cries for mercy, witnessed their bodies being consumed by the fire and smelled their scorched flesh. I called out to the Gods, and made a vow to seek revenge. You laughed and ordered your men to skin me alive and feed my flesh to your dogs. Yes, you did all that and more. I will not rest until the debt is paid in full; and you will pay. I promise you that. I will never release you. Do you hear me? Never… never… never.”

The medium began to open her eyes slowly. She looked around as if unfamiliar with her surroundings. After a minute or two, her spirit guide came through and proceeded to give her passes.

Meanwhile, Lucy, who had been moved by his story, was weeping silently. Although part of her felt she was not capable of such atrocities, another part of her felt the weight of her guilt.

Lucy was taken to the front table where she was directed to sit. One of the mediums began giving her passes. As the medium continued to work on her, Lucy found herself drifting away.

At first, she saw a woman laughing and a man begging for mercy. Suddenly, she was transported to a gloomy place. There, she heard the sound of laughter. This time, it was the laughter of a man. The sound was getting louder and louder. There was no one around to help her. She was trapped. Her desperation was increasing by the second.

Then, she heard a voice calling her name. It was the voice of the medium who was tenderly holding Lucy’s hands. She was calling Lucy to return. As she opened her eyes tears began pouring down her face. She had traveled to a dark and unknown place.

Too weak to move, Lucy remained seated. The mediums as well as the people in attendance began praying. As the prayers continued, Lucy felt a pulling sensation. It was as if something was being pulled from her.

By the end, she was feeling better. She was given a list of prayers to do every night. The list consisted of Act of Contrition prayer, The Spirit Guides prayer, Act of Submission and Resignation prayer, Forgiveness prayer, An Obsessed Spirit prayer and Unrepentant Souls prayer.

When the gathering ended, Lucy thanked everyone and promised to return.

             Spirit Detachment
                      Part 4      

Lucy decided to stay overnight at her aunt’s place. They chatted for hours. There was so much information she wanted to know.

“I have never experienced anything like that before,” Lucy told her aunt.

Josephine looked at her lovingly and said, “It’s going to be alright. Just have faith in God, and He will help you find your way out of the darkness.”

For the first time, in a long time, Lucy slept like a baby. The next morning, she felt an enormous sense of inner peace.

The entire week, Lucy did her prayers faithfully. Each time, she experienced the same inner calmness and joy.

That week, she had two similar dreams. She saw herself standing in the middle of a poorly lit room. There were two men standing next to her. One of the men was familiar to her. He was the man who had chained and dragged her across the fields. The other man was dressed in white surrounded by a luminous light. He looked similar to the pictures she had seen in church of Jesus.

She noticed that in each dream, she was neither shackled nor dragged. Moreover, the loud sound of the ominous laughter was no longer heard. Upon awakening, she experienced an overall calmness.

Lucy waited with much anticipation for the day of the spiritual gathering. When the day of the gathering arrived, Lucy was overjoyed. She could not wait to share the events of the week with the mediums.

Lucy and her aunt arrived at the spiritual gathering a bit early. They were warmly welcomed by the mediums who were already there.

As Lucy began to share her week long experience, the mediums smiled and said they were pleased with the help and blessings she was receiving from above.

The spiritual gathering started in its normal fashion. After the completion of prayers and the passing of spirit guides, one of the mediums began to incorporate the spirit connected to Lucy. He appeared less bitter and more rational. “I am beginning to understand many things. The spirits who surround me are showing me the errors of my ways. I am not fully convinced. I don’t want to speak any more...good bye.” The gathering continued without any more manifestation of the spirit.

For weeks, Lucy and her aunt attended the gatherings without any word or sign from the spirit. With each visit, she was feeling stronger and in control. She no longer felt incomplete or empty.

Then one day, while attending the gathering, a voice of humility was heard coming out of the mouth of one of the mediums. It was the spirit connected to Lucy.

“Greetings to all. May God forgive me for all my transgressions. I have come face to face with my spirit and have seen the ugliness it possesses. I was so consumed with my thirst for revenge that I saw nothing else. I am told that God will forgive me for I am one of his children who seeks His divine light. Although I have much to learn, I feel comfort in knowing that I am on the right path to God. I am no longer angry or bitter. I feel free. I ask for your forgiveness. I need to detach and release myself from these chains. They are the same chains I had placed on you. It is time for me to depart and move on. My mission will take time, but it is better to start now than never. I hope you will remain on the path to God. I leave in these waters all the pain and suffering I had placed in your path. I also place here these chains. I release you and set you free. Goodbye and may God take me into his arms.”

When the spirit left, there was a feeling of sadness in the air. Everyone began to prayer silently.

“I forgive you, and I hope you and God can forgive me for all the pain I had caused you,“ Lucy said with moist eyes.

By the end of the gathering, Lucy felt as if she had emerged from the very depth of hell.

Lucy continued attending the gatherings. Not being able to continue her dancing career due to a knee injury, she accepted her fate with much love and resignation. In fact, she relished the idea of starting a new life.

With the money she had saved, she purchased an apartment, and opened a small dance studio for young girls. She even convinced her aunt to move in with her.

For the first time in her life, she was experiencing true happiness.

In time, she developed her mediumship, and was one of the working mediums of the gatherings.

During the gatherings, she learned that her daughter was the incarnate spirit of the five year old girl she had ordered to be burned alive.

With much love and patience, Lucy was finally able to reunite with her daughter. Now, married and with a child, her daughter was able to forgive her mother for abandoning her.

At the age of sixty, Lucy passed away from heart failure.

When her spirit stepped out of the body, it noticed that her tormentor was not waiting for her as he did many times in the past. Instead, there were spirits of light waiting to guide her into the light. Indeed, she was free.

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