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Spiritism Allan Kardec
Author of the Spirits Book

Spiritism Allan Kardec
Spiritist Movement

Spiritism Allan Kardec

Spiritist Movement

While attending a Divaldo Franco lecture, I was introduced to a man who is one of the founders of Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society. This is  a, “non-profit organization whose goals are the study, practice and dissemination of Spiritism in its triple aspects:  scientific, philosophic and moral, as codified by Allan Kardec."

(Allan Kardec, "is known today as the systematizer of Spiritism for which he laid the foundation with the five books of the Spiritist Codification."-Wikipedia)

After a brief exchange of words, I was given a card and invited to attend one of their sessions. The following week, I was on my way to a new spiritual adventure. 

Even though I was familiar with Spiritism Allan Kardec's books and had attended Allan Kardec Spiritist Community in Brazil, I was curious about the Inner Enlightenment group.  I wondered if they were true followers of Allan Kardec's teachings or another money-making organization. I would soon find out.

It was 5:45 pm when I arrived at the spiritist center. Although I was a bit early, I decided to knock on the door. A voice from the other side said, "It's open. Come in." I turned the doorknob and walked in slowly. 

Inside were three individuals. With smiling faces, they greeted me warmly.  After introducing themselves, I was directed to sit and join them.  “It is early, and we are just going over some reading material that will be discussed this evening. You are free to join us,”   explained one of them. I was given a book- The Gospel According to Allan Kardec, and told the chapter. Instead of going over the indicated chapter, I went directly to the back of the book and began reading the prayers silently.

Approximately, thirty minutes later, people began arriving. I received a warm welcome from each. The people made me feel as if I were a longtime attendee. Not once did I feel as an outsider.

The session commenced with a prayer while soft music was playing in the background. Immediately, it was followed by a reading and discussion of one of the chapters from Allan Kardec’s book. One after another, people began sharing their thoughts. I remained silent while listening attentively. 

Suddenly, a man in the next room gave a signal to wrap it up. It was time for spiritual passes -the passing of energy from one person to another. Chairs were moved to the next room and arranged in rows. The lights were turned off. Only a small dim light was visible in the next room. I sat silently with my eyes closed meditating. Unexpectedly, someone was tapping my hand. It was a woman directing me into the next room. I quickly sat in the first row. In front were individuals standing facing the seated group. They were the mediums. I closed my eyes and focused on the Divine Energy that was felt in the room. When the pass was over, I was given magnetized water. I drank the water and went back to the other room. When the process was over, a closing prayer was said.

As I was getting ready to leave, several individuals approached me. Their words were coated with much love and kindness.

I was pleased to see that they were not only preaching the Allan Kardec doctrine, but practicing it as well.

In today’s world, where mediumship is seen as a money-making machine, it’s good to know that there are places and people who are true to God’s teachings.

"Freely you have received; freely give." -Jesus

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Spiritism Allan Kardec Spiritist Movement

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