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Spiritual Ancient Egypt 
A Past Life Experience

Spiritual Ancient Collage

One day, I decided to create a  Spiritual Ancient Egypt Collage. I thought it would be a fun thing to do. I had no idea that the project would take me on an unforeseen adventure.

As I gathered the pictures for my collage, my thoughts began to drift immediately to an era of long ago. Each photo created a strange sensation inside me. It was similar to a pulling sensation-a pulling of my incarnate spirit to a past long forgotten. When the project was completed, the pulling sensation began to intensify. I had tapped into a past life memory.

Bits and pieces began to emerge. It was like watching a movie in which I was the main character. The experience was awesome.

Although I had visited Egypt several times searching for answers to my inexplicable strong emotional connection to ancient Egypt, I was no longer searching. My search had ended (click here and read A Past Life Experience). The collage experience was unexpected and refreshing. It was reconfirmation that I lived in ancient Egypt.

Past lives provide a deeper understanding of the nature of spirit’s evolution. Through awareness of past lives, we can release the negative bonds from the past and prepare to move ahead.

Although I thought I fully understood my past connection to ancient Egypt, the collage reminded me that there was much more to be learned.

The experience provided me with valuable information. To grow and move on, it was necessary to put things into perspective. Like the sphinx, it was vital to rebuild a strong foundation that would sustain me through the many earthly trials and tribulations.

In addition, it helped me to understand myself and the situation around me much better.

Two lessons that resurfaced were 1)  to move to a higher level of spiritual understanding and enlightenment, it is essential to pay past debts, and 2) things that were not completed or resolved in another life can have an impact on our present life.

Although hypnosis is a way of retrieving past lives, it is not the only way. As mentioned above, the simple task of creating a collage can open the doors to the past.

We Have Lived Many Lives

-Spiritual Ancient Egypt-


Past life in Egypt- click here

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