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A Spiritual Vision- Dancing With My Spiritual Angel


Recently, I had a spiritual vision. In the vision, I saw myself standing on a dance floor. Suddenly, a tall man appeared. It was my Guardian Angel. He grabbed my hand, and held it gently. His hand was twice the size of mine. Then, he directed me to the center of the room. I followed without any hesitation.

As the music commenced, we began to dance. At first, everything was proceeding smoothly. Around and around, we danced. I was full of energy and confidence. Every step I took appeared to be effortless. It felt as if I was dancing on air.

However, as we continued to waltz around the room, I felt a heaviness consuming and restricting my body. It was as though someone had drilled a hole on the top of my head and poured a heavy substance into it causing my body to cease all body movements. The more I struggled to regain control of my body, the less successful I was. I felt impotent, frustrated, fatigued, and defeated. It was useless. My body was not responding. My legs no longer possessed the stamina to move on their own.

Although I wanted to stop, for I felt it was impossible to continue, my Guardian Angel would not allow it. He held me firmly and securely, and prevented me from giving up.

At times, I felt myself regaining control of my body, but only to be disappointed. The heaviness and immobility would reappear leaving me powerless.

As my situation began to deteriorate, my Guardian Angel held me tightly and would not let go.

At one point, I lost consciousness. When I came to, I found myself in the arms of my Guardian Angel dancing to the beat of the music. Not once did we stop. Meanwhile, voices around the room were encouraging me to go on and not give up.

My interpretation of the spiritual message is the following: Whenever you feel discouraged and powerless, call your Spiritual Angel to lift you up and give you the fortitude you need to continue. God has placed this Angel by your side to assist you along the way.

If you do not see an immediate change in your situation, perhaps, it is due to a life lesson you need to work through a bit longer before moving on.

Regardless of what you are presently experiencing, your Spiritual Angel is always there for you and will never abandon you.

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