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 A Spiritual Artwork
Guided By Spirit

Spiritual Artwork

During my recent visit to La Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil, I was introduced to an extraordinary and gifted young man. His name is Selito Jose Dos Santos. He is known in Abadiania as the man who creates magnificent spiritual artwork. His work is absolutely, “out of this world.”

Selito is not your ordinary artist. He does not use canvases or brushes to create his masterpieces. His tools consist of oil paints, white tiles, a rag, his fingers and spirit. A 6 1/4in. x 6 1/4in. tile takes him approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete; while a larger tile takes him a bit longer.

When I asked him to do a spiritual painting for me, he quickly agreed. He took his tools out and commenced. The first few seconds, he kept staring at me as if trying to pull out something from deep inside me. I noticed a change in his demeanor. He went from being carefree and jovial to being pensive and focused. In addition, there was an indescribable look in his eyes. As the process continued, his fingers, covered with oil paint, moved smoothly around the tile. At first, it seemed similar to a child doing finger paintings-smearing paint all over. He continued to add more and more paint moving his fingers effortlessly around the tile. In a matter of minutes, the indescribable became describable. It was truly amazing. See painting below.


Spiritual Painting

I felt that during the process, he went deep inside my soul and took out the beauty and mystery that were hidden there, and placed it onto the tile.

I am extremely pleased with my spiritual painting. It represents my present state of mind.

A second painting was done at my request. I wanted him to contact my spiritual guides, and see what would manifest. The result was awesome. See painting on the right.

Spirtual Painting

Additionally, I had him do a spiritual painting for a friend who is presently ill. When I gave him the photo of my friend, he took a few minutes to study it. His face displayed sadness. It seemed to me that he was connecting with her, and feeling her pain. By the end, he had produced a painting with beautiful colors. What I found amazing was that he had used my friend’s favorite color-pink. How he knew about her favorite color remains a mystery. I never mentioned anything about her. In addition, the photo contained no sign of her favorite color. See painting below.

Spiritual Painting

According to Selito, he developed his artistic ability approximately three years ago. He had an accident in which he fell down fifty-seven feet. When medical help arrived, they were amazed to see that he was conscious, and apparently had no injuries. There was no trauma to the head. Soon after the accident, the idea of painting came to him. Curious to see what would come out, he started to paint. Amazed and pleased with the outcome, he painted more. Not feeling comfortable using brushes, he began to use his fingers. From that day, he has created beautiful and meaningful paintings- paintings that connect the person with his or her inner soul.

Prior to the accident, Selito worked as a house painter. He never attended art classes or painted a picture. When asked about this new artistic development, he stated that he feels that a spirit guide guides him.

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