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Spiritual Color Therapy -Healing the Mind, Body and Soul


Spiritual Color Therapy

Close your eyes and imagine a world without colors. It's not a pretty sight. In fact, it is terribly depressing. Colors give beauty as well as meaning to the things around us.

Without colors, we would not be able to enjoy nature. A colorless rainbow, tree or flower, just to mention a few, would be dreary.

Colors help us to determine when things are good or bad. A yellow banana indicates that it is good, while a brown or black banana is considered bad.

Additionally, colors can save us from personal injury. A red light warns us of dangerous situations, while a green light indicates safety.

On a physical, emotional and spiritual level, colors can have a profound effect on us. June Mcleod, author of Colors of the Soul-Transform Your Life Through Color Therapy, writes that color, "evokes memories, feelings, impressions, tastes, sounds and emotions. It stimulates our mind, body, and spirit."

James and Phyllis Balch, authors of Prescription for Nutritional Healing, state that colors can, "ease stress...fill you with energy...alleviate pain and other physical problems."

According to James and Phyllis Balch, the color blue can produce a relaxing and calming effect. In a study, conducted with aggressive children, results revealed that children with disruptive tendencies became calmer when placed in a blue-colored room.

Furthermore, the color green has, "a soothing and calming effect on the body as well as the mind." James and Phyllis Balch mention that people who suffer from depression and anxiety can benefit from the color green.

In chakras healing, the corresponding color of each chakras is used to release negativity and establish a state of well being.

In La Casa de Dom Inacio, treatments, which consist of crystals and colored lights, are offered. The apparatus used is made up of seven white quartz crystals. Attached to the top of each crystal is a different colored light corresponding to the seven chakras of the human body. According to La Casa’s literature, when crystals, combined with colored lights, are aligned with the chakras of the body, a deep relaxing and healing sensation is generated.

Edgar Cayce saw colors in connection with people's aura. An aura healer can determine a person's present condition by reading or seeing the color of the person's aura.

Additionally, spiritual workers, who engage in spiritual candle work, use a white candle for spiritual healing. The color white represents a perfect balance.

"Five hundred years before the birth of Christ, Pythagoras, the first philosopher, used colors for healing. Today medical science is just beginning to see the possibilities in this method" (Edgar Cayce, Auras).

As mentioned above, colors have a profound impact on us. They can affect our moods, emotions and health. By using color as a healing tool, we can shift and change our body patterns. The use of color can be a powerful tool in maintaining the body, mind, and soul healthier and well-balanced.

Spiritual Color Therapy


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Spiritual Color Therapy