Spiritual Darkness -A Moment to Reflect and Push Forward

Spiritual Darkness


For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness" (Corinthian 4:6)


Have you ever found yourself sinking into an abyss of darkness without any hope of being rescued? Have you experienced loneliness and despair while battling internal or external demons?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then, you know how physically and mentally agonizing these moments can be. During these times, hope no longer exists, while desperation is in full operation. 

When encountering dark times, the person feels an immense sense of helplessness. Some have thoughts of death or suicide. The sensation is so extensive that the person becomes overwhelmed sinking deeper and deeper into the obscure waters of anguish. 

As the darkness begins to intensify, the self commences to disintegrate. Self-pity,  low self-esteem, depression and loneliness become the person’s new companions. Questions such as, “Why is this happening to me?” and/or “What have I done?” begin to infiltrate the mind. Although the questions continue to mount, the solutions remain far from the person's reach. There is no exit in sight.

Upon our arrival to the earth plane, various earthly tests are waiting for us. Each test is equipped to assist the person in the purification of the soul. We must accept, learn and let go of each test.

Many of us, when facing a test, remain stuck in darkness without seeing any possible alternative. Our fears keep us immobile and imprison in the situation.

Remember, tests that give rise to dark times are temporary. We must learn to surpass all negative situations and take back all that has been consumed by the darkness. We should not settle for a life of darkness. Instead, we should learn from it and come forth into the light.

J was sixteen years old when a stranger raped her. Immediately, after the rape, she began to submerge into an abyss of darkness.  Emotions, such as hate, anger, fear and loneliness, which were once foreign to her, dominated her thoughts and actions. She isolated herself from everything that was once meaningful to her. She refused to attend school or counseling.  

Weeks passed, and her condition remained intact. Her mother, fearing for her daughter’s well-being, decided to intervene. The family’s pastor was called to assist in the situation. At first, she adamantly refused to speak to him. However, after much persuasion, she agreed to see him. After several conversations, J conceded to visit a therapist who specialized in sexual abused cases. Soon, she was back in school interacting with friends.

Although she has never forgotten the incident, she has conquered her demons and moved on. She stepped away from the darkness to embrace the light.

Presently, she is a social worker who assist others to let go of the strong grip of  darkness and enter the light.


Whenever you are facing times of  spiritual darkness, remember the following:

 "And God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light." (Genesis 1:3)

Believe in God, for He is the Master of all.


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