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Spiritual Guardian Angel -A Messenger of God

Prayers To Spiritual Guardian Angel

Prayer 1

In the name of God, I call my Guardian Angel to assist me in these trying times. Protect me from all the negativity that surrounds me. Give me the strength, courage and resignation needed to face the various terrestrial tests. As I walk through this lonely and dark road, be my companion. Instill in me the seeds of hope, faith and charity. Help me to be strong when I am weak, courageous when I am fearful and hopeful when I am desperate. Assist me in the removal of all negative thoughts from my mind so that I can better help my fellowman and myself. With you by my side, I can face and overcome all obstacles. May God permit you to stay by my side always.........Amen.

Prayer 2

Protecting spirit who watches over me incessantly, you whose mission it is to guard me, whether because it brings you joy to do good, or because by doing so your spirit advances becomes pure, save me. During the night, as my spirit goes out into the unknown, take me where my dear departed are, so that they may help me by teaching me lessons I need to learn in order to deal with the problems of my life. Make suggestions to my imagination, giving it solutions to problems I will face during my waking hours.

Help me gain strength by observing nature, help me raise my tired spirit from the new battles it has met, battles that have weakened my hopes. Amen (Selected Prayers volume 2).

Have you ever wondered who or what are Guardian Angels? The answer is simple. They are God’s messengers assigned to protect and guide us. These spiritual beings are with us from birth and remain to the end of our terrestrial visit. They are intermediaries between God and us.

For sometime, I had been attempting to contact my Guardian Angel, but to no avail. Then, one day, my desire was granted. A thought came to my mind out of nowhere. It was a thought concerning my Guardian Angel. I felt the presence of a spirit of light in front of me. I began speaking to him as if he was visible. I asked him, “Are you my Guardian Angel? Can you give me your name?” Suddenly, I heard a name and saw it in my mind. It happened so quickly that I started repeating the name. Later, I began calling out his name. I asked him if it was possible to see his face. In a flash, with my eyes closed, a face appeared. Although it was so swift, I was immensely grateful for the experience. Even though I always knew that my Guardian Angel was by my side, the confirmation was something extremely special.

Things occur not when you want them to, but when you least expect them. Have faith and your desires with be granted.

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