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Spiritual Healing Journey
From Darkness to Light

Spiritual Healing Journey

Currently, various changes are taking place around the world. Much mayhem is spreading from one corner of the globe to another. These events range from small-scale happenings to major catastrophes.

Many individuals stroll through life wearing invisible blinders, which prevent them from witnessing the harsh reality of our present world. Others feel they are immune from the various hardships and sufferings facing the world today.

The reality is that no one is immune. Eventually, everyone will be affected, in one way or another, by the everyday changes of the world. Fear, depression, disease, and death, just to mention a few, wait patiently for the right moment to invade our body, mind, and soul.

However, how does a person stay grounded and, at the same time, avoid being overwhelmed by the changes around us? The answer is relatively simple. The person needs to generate positive energy and maintain a high level of spiritual balance or health. These simple measures can assist the person in overcoming obstacles better while maintaining oneself firm in spirit.

To maintain myself positive and spiritually grounded, I use a method I refer to as spiritual journey. It is the passing from one state of mind to a much healthier state. I find these spiritual journeys to be valuable in assisting me in coping with painful and emotional situations. These journeys have made it possible for me to let go, heal, and create inner transformations in my most trying times.

There are diverse methods to achieve a spiritual journey. It can be accomplished through prayer, meditation, creative artwork or travel. Below is an account of one of my spiritual journeys.

Approximately four years ago, my mother crossed over to the spirit world. Apart from being my mother, she was my best friend. Even though I believe in life after death, I could not  let go of the vast emotional pain and void embedded deep inside of me. I felt as though the light of my soul had been turned off. I was an empty shell pretending to be alive. All I wanted was to sleep and wake up to discover that it was simply a dreadful dream.

One day, while doing household chores, I came across a book that a friend had given me three years prior to my mother's departure. He highly recommended it. I took the book, thanked him and placed it in my bookcase. For three years, the book was hidden and forgotten. Without any palpable explanation, the book reappeared. I picked it up and read the title- A Healer's Journey by Sree Chakravarti.

The book is an inspiring autobiography about an Indian woman's exceptional healing gift. After reading the first few pages, I was instantly captivated by her storytelling. I proceeded to read on. Unexpectedly, something happened that transformed my world. It was a chapter on Sai Baba, an Indian Saint. I read the chapter three or four times. I became obsessed with Sai Baba, and did not know why.

A week passed, and I could not stop thinking of Sai Baba. I felt an overwhelming impulse to go to Shirdi, India, and I needed to go immediately. Without any hesitation, I purchased airline tickets, got a visa, packed my suitcase, grabbed my passport and American Express ("don't leave home without it"), and headed for India. It was the beginning of my spiritual journey.

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