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Suicidal Act
Destruction of the Soul

Suicidal Act

Have you ever felt depressed or hopeless? Have you ever wanted to give up on life? Are the following phrases familiar to you, “I will be better off dead,” or “All I want to do is sleep and never wake up?” Additionally, are you suffering from losing a loved one and wish to take your life to be reunited?

If you have felt any of the above-mentioned, or are seriously thinking of committing suicide, you must rethink your situation. It is a great mistake to believe that your suffering will end by committing suicide. Just because the body dies does not mean that the suffering stops. As mentioned previously, the body dies; however, the spirit lives on.

“God forbids a man to shorten his life by committing suicide. If a man commits suicide, he automatically becomes a spirit in darkness” (The Gospel According To Allan Kardec).

“Instead of being reunited to the object of their affection, those who have made this sad mistake find themselves separated, and for a very long time, from the being they hoped to rejoin; for God cannot recompense, by the granting of a favour, an act which is at once a proof of moral cowardice, an insult offered to Him in distrusting His providence” (The Spirit Book by Allan Kardec).

“If your day appears to be gloomy and frightening, wait for the morrow. Wait a little longer…Divine Providence has ways of which you are completely unaware for clarifying things and removing errors and difficulties. If your suffering seems unbearable, think of Jesus and His utter humiliation on the cross. He trusted God” (After The Storm by Divaldo P. Franco and Joanna De Angelis).

Below is a visual of the suicidal act before and after.

Prayer For One Who Committed Suicide

We know, my God, what fate awaits those who disregard your laws by shortening their days upon earth. But, we also know that your mercy knows no bounds. Please let your mercy flow towards the soul of___________________, may our prayers and your empathy sweeten the bitter taste of the fate he is experiencing for not having had the guts to see his trials through.

Good Spirits whose mission it is to assist the downtrodden, take him under your wing, inspire him to repent from his faults and show him the light towards God. Amen (Helping Yourself With Selected Prayers Volume 2).

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Excerpt from Spiritual Tales, Chapter 8 -What Goes Around Comes Around.

"My only option was to end my suffering by committing suicide. I pretended to be sick and waited for everyone to leave the house.  I grabbed a telephone cord, stood on a chair, firmly tied one end of the cord around my neck, attached the other end to a ceiling fan and kicked the chair away. Since I was very thin, my weight did not affect the stability of the fan. It took a few minutes before my body shut down. It was an agonizing horrible death.  

“I always read and believed that when a person died, he or she would go to heaven and live in paradise. All emotional anguish and pain would be left behind. You would get a clean slate and live happily ever after. However, the fact of the matter was another reality.  Instead of entering a heavenly realm, I ended in an abyss of darkness..."




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