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Women Spirit Mediums

Women Spirit Mediums

After reading some of the literature on spiritual mediums, I realized that not enough was written on women mediums. I decided to do my own research and write a paper on these glorious and powerful female mediums.

My Mother

The first female medium whom I was exposed to was my mother. She was a medium who incorporated spirits. That is to say, she was a vessel in which spirits came through and performed their spiritual deeds. Her connection with spirits was immensely strong.

My mother taught me to love God and spirits, and never abuse the gift of mediumship. It was through her actions that I learned the true meaning of being a medium. Never once did I see her turn away a person in need of spiritual help. As long as her guides gave the okay, she was willing to go through whatever was necessary in order for spirits to help the person in need. All this was done free of charge. I remember her sayings, “Never put your spirit guides up for sale; never receive money or gifts for the work done by spirits; never use your mediumship to do harm to others; and give yourself completely to your spirit guides.” These words have stayed with me all these years. She was truly a great medium and teacher.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was one of the greatest mediums of all times. She was an illiterate farm girl who was born in Domremy, France in 1412.

At the age of twelve, she began having verbal and visual communication with spiritual beings. Her first encounter occurred while she was alone in a field. She identified the spiritual beings as Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, Saint Margaret and numerous angels. Her mission, according to the spiritual voices, was to raise an army in support of the Dauphin-eldest son of the King of France, and drive out the English.

During the early 1400's, France was in conflict with England. The 100 year war caused France to remain in a dismal state. Their army had been defeated and demoralized repeatedly. It was during her military leadership that many victories were achieved.

At the age of nineteen, she was captured and turned over to the English. In May 30, 1431, she was accused of being a heretic and burnt at the stake.


According to David St. Clair, author of Drum and Candle, Isaltina was, “one of the most famous Umbanda healers” in all of Brazil. Her spiritual journey began right after giving birth to her first-born child. She was approximately thirty years old. Prior to her awareness of the spirit world, Isaltina was a devout Catholic whose middle-class beliefs ridiculed pagan ideas.

After the birth of her baby, Isaltina began experiencing reoccurring nightmares and severe physical pain all over her body. Medical tests revealed no anomaly. Even though she was given painkillers and sleeping pills, her condition continued to deteriorate rapidly.

In an attempt to end Isaltina's suffering, her husband attended an Umbanda Center. He was told to bring his wife the following day. When Isaltina discovered his intentions, she became extremely agitated and had a relapse. The doctor informed the family that Isaltina was dying and had only a few days left. Isaltina, who was secretly listening to the conversation, got dressed and headed to the Umbanda Temple.

While visiting the Umbanda Temple, an Umbanda medium was startled by her presence. As he waved his hands around her body, she began to shake uncontrollably. By the end of the healing session, she was told that she was healed. The next day, she had zero pain. All of her symptoms vanished never to return.

A few days later, Isaltina was visited by the Umbanda medium. He told her that she had an exceptional spiritual mission to fulfill. However, he said, you must “give up much of your private life …” It was a painful decision she needed to make. However, with the moral support of her husband, she decided to go ahead and develop her spiritual powers.

Soon, she began incorporating the spirit of a German doctor and performing invisible operations on people with difficult or incurable, according to the medical community, illnesses.

Under a trance state, she would place her hands over the person while grumbling in German. The results were miraculous.

“Literally, thousands of people came to Isaltina. Stomach cancers disappeared, cripples walked, blind men saw, cleft palates vanished, painful varicose veins diminished, growths in the throats were eliminated, tumors evaporated.”

For more information on this case and other cases read Drum and Candle by David St. Clair.


Yvonne do Pereira


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